Leica M680 Microscope

Leica M680 Microscope

This microscope was a one and only design by Leica. It continues to be the only microscope ever made that uses two footswitches for independent focus and zoom control for both face to face operators. An excellent choice for Hand/Plastic and it is also usable for spine surgery.

Leica M680 Microscope Features

  • Independent Focus and Zoom for the Surgeon and Assistant
  • Leica M680 high-end optics for both surgeons provide a brilliant, high-contrast image, permitting meticulous work even at low magnification.
  • Two independent zoom and two focus systems (2x2) allows the surgeon and assistant to control their individual magnification settings and field of view, resulting in greater co-operation between each surgeon.
  • Face to Face Optics
  • Rotatable Binoculars
  • Direct, Dual Halogen Light
  • 10x widefield eyepieces

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