Leica OH - 2 Microscope

Leica OH-2 Microscope

Keep original and add: The Leica OH2 is a model that has a unique optical design that allows independent control of focus & zoom to the surgeon and face to face assistant, via M680 optics. For those surgeons who have used this in the past and like it, this is a rare opportunity to buy one. Plus, like all our scopes, it’s completely refurbished with a warranty!

Leica OH - 2 Microscope Features

  • Independent Focus and Zoom for Both Surgeon and Assistant
  • Mitaka “free floating” clutch-release floorstand.
  • M680 optics
  • 2 0-180 degree inclinable binoculars
  • 4 10x widefield eyepieces
  • Hand-grips for motorized independent focus and zoom

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