Zeiss 1FC / S21 Microscope

Refurbished ENT Microscope

Zeiss 1FC/S21 Microscope

Premier microscope for all ENT needs. 

Zeiss 1FC / S21 Microscope Features

  • Prescott's Service and Repair programs are operated by trained Electronics and Optical Technicians within a complete refurbishing facility. The facility can accept your trade in or sale of obsolete microscope equipment -- and inventories rental equipment for down time and full purchase alternatives.
  • Try our Repair/Exchange Program Today. We provide:
  • A loaner head or alternative component to use while we clean and/or repair your unit
  • The best way for you to avoid down times while in need of repair or replacements
  • Professional service representatives, often in your area
  • Flexible and affordable maintenance contracts and options for rent-to-own
  • Zeiss Opmi 1fc with optical maneuvering handles
  • Zeiss F170 straight binos
  • 2 10x widefield eyepieces
  • Zeiss objective lens 250mm
  • Zeiss objective lens 400mm
  • Zeiss adjustable angle coupling
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Zeiss S21 floorstand

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