Zeiss Opmi CS/S4 Microscope

Zeiss Opmi CS/S4 Microscope

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The Opmi CS/S4 is a microscope that preceded the Visu 200. It was designed to be a good Cataract microscope, but also has the ability to perform Vitreo-Retinal surgery.

About Surgical Microscope Refurbishing


  • Optional “true stereo” assistant binocular
  • Great Optical Clarity
  • Zeiss Opmi CS
  • XY
  • Zeiss XY2
  • Zeiss F170 0-180 degree inclinable binos
  • Zeiss F170 Inclined binos
  • 4 10x widefield eyepieces
  • Zeiss beamsplitter
  • Multi-axis stereo observer tube
  • Zeiss objective lens 175mm
  • Zeiss S5 floorstand
  • Zeiss footswitch
  • Sterilizable covers