Why Buy Refurbished

Go Green. Go Refurbished.

Manufacturing medical equipment requires a great amount of energy consumption, waste production and repetitive hazardous process. With refurbishing pre-owned medical equipment, you enable reutilization of about 90% of the original material. Much of the unused material, can go to local scrap yards to be recycled and reintroduced to the market as raw material. You can feel good knowing you are doing your part in creating fewer toxic emissions from production and lowering your facilities carbon footprint in the process.

Surgical microscopes that are deemed obsolete by the original equipment manufacturer can be fully restored through our meticulous refurbishing process and brought back to OEM specifications, and placed in any number of facilities for a myriad of uses: the grant funded research lab, medical mission projects, clinics, pre/post exam offices, outpatient settings and Hospital Medical Centers. Facilities that have used refurbished surgical microscopes know that this isn’t just a winning solution for environmental sustainability but is a champion to the budget bottom line. Refurbished surgical microscopes are known to save 30-50% as compared to purchasing new equipment- and in an environment when expenses are being cut back- this is truly an item ALL facilities are taking a hard look at.

Reduce, reuse, recycle with Prescott's Inc. refurbished surgical microscopes.

Prescott’s has been refurbishing surgical microscopes long before it became a trend to be green. You can rely on the expertise of our technicians to steer you through all the steps of the decision making process when looking to purchase a refurbished surgical microscope.  Moreover, with over 50 factory trained direct field representatives, Prescott’s is by your side to support your investments long after your purchase. Each piece of equipment is backed by a 2-year full warranty and an extended 5 year warranty is available along with flexible service coverage options that are sure to fit your individual situation.