More Modalities,
One Standard of Excellence

We’re partnering with Adepto and PioBio
to enhance our services.


Launching a united endeavor. 

Prescott's is proud to partner with Adepto, specializing in Infusion Pumps, and PioBio, specializing in Patient Monitoring, to provide even more service and repair options for medical equipment. With our combined expertise and dedication, we ensure that your Infusion Pumps, Patient Monitoring, and Surgical Microscopes are always in optimal condition, allowing you to focus on delivering the best patient care.


Your service options are expanding. 

Don't limit yourself when it comes to equipment service and repair. Our new partnership offers rentals, sales, and services on Infusion Pumps and Patient Monitoring.


The support you need when you need it. 

With the addition of PioBio and Adepto’s skilled teams, you’ll never have more experienced teams to answer your equipment questions and provide support.


Hassle-free repairs and free shipping.

We know how important it is to minimize downtime. That's why we’re offering the convenience of free shipping on all Infusion Pumps and Patient Monitoring services.

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