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Featuring top manufacturers, Zeiss, Leica, and more, Prescott’s is your source for new and used microscopes from Zeiss, Leica and more. The surgical microscope source more practices trust for reliability, expert installation, and legendary customer service, Prescott’s makes it easy for you to get exactly the scope you need.

Hear It From Our Customers

"Prescott’s Inc. covers all our surgical microscope service needs. Their microscope expertise and quick response time is vital for our OR and staff and to keeping our microscopes operational and our rooms running. It’s great to work with a vendor who can work flexible hours and who makes our microscopes a top priority. I would recommend Prescott’s Inc. to any biomedical engineering or OR staff that values the performance and importance of maintaining their microscopes in the OR."

Karen Torres, Biomedical Technician III/Site Lead NYEE

"The biggest reason we use Prescott's is the outstanding customer service. In our setting we utilize a multitude of vendors, and Prescott’s puts the vast majority to shame in terms of flexibility and responsiveness. We can always count on our Service Representative to provide us with timely and accurate support, information, and repair."

Sherri Schierenberg, OR Charge, Lincoln Surgery Center

"Prescott's has always been readily available and flexible to work with. As I have to commute between multiple sites, it has never been an issue getting service at a new site. Service has always been prompt and professional, I look forward to continuing business together."

Ruben Martinez | BMET II, Clinical Engineering, Philips Healthcare