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Leica M720 OH5 Neurosurgery Microscope

Leica M720 OH5 Microscope

The Leica M720 OH5 surgical microscope for use in neurosurgery and minimally invasive spine procedures. Leica has redesigned the acclaimed 500-series optics carrier to offer a more compact, maneuverable, and ergonomically improved M720 optics carrier. Surgeons familiar with the Leica M525 OH4 and Leica M520 OH3 surgical microscopes will recognize the OH5 floor stand with its design by Mitaka. Experience extraordinary long reach and industry highest overhead clearance while maintaining the stability of movement.

Leica M525 OH4 Surgical Microscope

The Leica M525 OH4 surgical microscope for use in neurosurgery and minimally invasive spine procedures. Outstanding contrast, resolution, color fidelity and depth of focus providing brilliant, illuminated field of view.This compact optics carrier improves upon the design of the M520 optics carrier providing extended working distance, increased depth, greater light intensity, sharper images and AutoIris illumination.

Leica OH4 M525 Surgical Microscope
Leica OH-3 M520 Nuero Spine Microscope Extended

Leica M520 OH3 Microscope

Leica M520 OH3 neurosurgical and spine microscope features Leica’s M520 optics carrier which boasts a variable focal range of 207mm-470mm in a compact, easy to maneuver design. Whether for use in craniotomy, spine or plastics, and reconstructive surgeries, the M520 is among the best optics platforms offering visual acuity in a wide 65mm field of view. The compact OH3 floor stand is easy to maneuver in the operating room yet extends to provide an impressive overhead clearance and reach for more options in positioning, even in a small O.R. With dual 300W xenon illumination and an incredible cost value to features provided, this is a microscope worth your attention.

M520 F40 Microscope

The Leica M520 F40 is a multidisciplinary surgical microscope supporting procedures in neurosurgery, otolaryngology surgery, spine surgery, and plastics and reconstructive surgery. Leica’s OptiChrome premium optics and compact Leica F40 floor stand offer best in class viewing, ease of mobility and positioning, offering an excellent solution to the many challenges of microsurgery across multiple surgical disciplines. Offering 207mm-470mm motorized working distance controlled via handgrips or foot switch and 300W Xenon illumination. Video and Recording capabilities are seamlessly connected and displayed through the integrated monitor. Contact Prescott’s today for a customized quote for your surgical application.

Leica M525 F40 Full Side