Leica M841 Microscope

Refurbished Ophthalmology Surgical Microscope

Leica M841 Microscope

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The Leica M840 and M841 surgical microscopes are the full ophthalmic suite successor to the heralded Leica M690 surgical microscope. The M840 and M841 both have tremendous visual acuity and reliable red-reflex, enhanced with the Leica otto-flex technology, Opti-Chrome design, Quad-Zoom stereo illumination, and Apochromatic lenses.

About Surgical Microscope Refurbishing


  • Leica ultra low binocular for ergonomic comfort
  • OptiChrome optical design for high resolution and contrast
  • Leica Apochromatic f175 or f200 65mm objective lens
  • Otto-flex red reflex enhancement illumination
  • Quad Zoom, four zoom paths for 100% stereo illumination
  • Leica M841 control unit with user interface
  • Leica 2D inline camera
  • Leica M841 XY, multiplex foot pedal 14 function control
  • Assistant observer with optional dual wing assistant