Leica OH4 M525 Surgical Microscope

Refurbished Neuro Spine Surgical Microscope

Leica OH4 M525 Surgical Microscope

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The Leica OH4 M525 surgical microscope for use in neurosurgery and minimally invasive spine procedures. Outstanding contrast, resolution, color fidelity and depth of focus providing brilliant, illuminated field of view.This compact optics carrier improves upon the design of the M520 optics carrier providing extended working distance, increased depth, greater light intensity, sharper images and AutoIris illumination.

About Surgical Microscope Refurbishing

Leica M525 OH4 Features:

  • APO OptiChrome Obejective lens with 200mm-470mm variable working distance
  • Ergonomic, independent binocular tubes
  • Dual 300W Xenon Illumination
  • True Auto Balance and Intraoperative Balance
  • Protective Lense for premium viewing in sterile environment
  • Touch Screen User interface
  • Integrated High Definition Monitor
  • Integrated Video and Recording

Leica M525 OH4 Additional Benefits:

  • BrightCare Plus for patient safety
  • AutoIris- Light diameter Control
  • Ready for Image-Guided Surgery and Fluorescence Systems