Leica MS2 Microscope

Refurbished Neuro Spine Surgical Microscope

Leica MS2 Microscope

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The MS2 was designed with spine surgery in mind, but can also accommodate other face to face procedures. This system has plenty of maneuverability with its variable lens and clutch release floating movement.

Why Buy Refurbished from Prescott’s?

Prescott’s carries a full line of refurbished surgical microscopes from leading brands, such as Carl Zeiss and Leica, for every application. Prescott’s unique re-manufacturing process allows us to provide you with the highest quality in used neuro spine surgical microscopes available for a fraction of the cost. The Leica MS2 is refurbished to custom order requirements, brought to OEM specification in like new condition, and covered with a warranty. Prescott’s is ISO 13485:2016. We ship worldwide.

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