Leica OH-3 M520 Microscope

Refurbished Neuro Spine Surgical Microscope

Leica OH-3 M520 Microscope

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Leica OH-3 M520 Neuro/Spine Surgical Microscope.

Why Buy Refurbished from Prescott’s?

Prescott’s carries a full line of refurbished neuro spine surgical microscopes from leading brands, such as Carl Zeiss and Leica, for every application. Prescott’s unique re-manufacturing process allows us to provide you with the highest quality in used neuro spine microscopes available for a fraction of the cost. The Leica OH-3 M520 is refurbished to custom order requirements, brought to OEM specification in like new condition, and covered with a warranty. Prescott’s is ISO 13485:2016. We ship worldwide.

About Surgical Microscope Refurbishing


  • Premium Leica M520 optics with OptiChrome™ technology
  • True overhead design for superior reach and clearance
  • Complete auto-balance by “push at one-button”
  • Intraoperative autobalance
  • Precision mechanics for unmatched ease of intraoperative movement
  • Lightweight compact design for ease in transport, placement and storage
  • Six built-in electromagnetic brakes
  • Motorized inclination and tilt function
  • Robotic ability for tool tracking in combination with IGS systems
  • Motorized zoom and focus via multifocal lens from 207mm to 470mm,speed adjustable
  • Two completely independent 300 Watt Xenon arc-illumination system
  • Diameter and light intensity of the illumination field continuously adjustable
  • Ergonomic, multifunctional handles, optional foot switch and mouth switch control
  • Full IGS compatible including the dual imaging system, the Leica DI C 500
  • ISUS Intelligent Set Up System
  • Quality and reliability by designing to the highest standards applicable