MediCap USB 300 HD Capture System

Surgical Microscope HD Video Recording

MediCap USB 300 HD Capture System

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The MediCap USB300 is the medical industry’s easiest, most affordable high-definition recorder. Record up to two weeks of HD video on the internal hard drive or record directly to a convenient USB flash drive. Now you can experience easy, affordable HD video — without all the hassles of DVD disks.

It’s so easy, most users never look at the manual. Just plug it in and go. You’ll be recording videos within minutes of opening the box.

Records high-definition video from your endoscope, arthroscope, surgical camera, ultrasound, etc. Saves to an internal hard drive or external USB flash drive. Can be accessed via any computer on your network.

With its steel case and fluid resistant front panel, the USB300 is built to withstand the rigors of the OR, and it’s so compact it will fit on any cart.

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  • Internal Hard Drive, Stores over a week of HD video — or use a handy external USB flash drive
  • Keyboard. Input patient data to organize your photos and videos (optional)
  • Net Connection. Turn your USB300 into a mapped drive on your network
  • Foot Pedal. Connect to your scope’s trigger or to a foot pedal (optional)