Prescott’s Table Stand for Microscopes

Table Mount for Wet Lab, Skills Training and Research

Prescott’s Table Stand for Microscopes

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Prescott’s offers a variety of solutions when it comes to configuring your wet lab, demo station, skills training facility or product quality control. Mounting solutions offer full customization to your specific project and are equally affordable as they are convenient.  The Prescott’s table mount Surgical Microscope platform can vary the length and height of the flex arm as well as the swing arm to ideally position the microscope head. Prescott’s table Mount Surgical Microscope accommodates the New Omni Plus, refurbished Zeiss, refurbished Moeller-Wedel or Storz Global Microscope heads. Manufactured in the USA and backed by our full 2-year warranty.

Please call 1-800-438-3937 in the U.S., +1-719-481-3353 international or please click here to email for additional information.

Why Buy New or Refurbished from Prescott’s?

Prescott’s carries a full line of refurbished microscopes from leading brands, such as Carl Zeiss and Leica, for every application. Prescott’s unique re-manufacturing process allows us to provide you with the highest quality in used  microscopes available for a fraction of the cost. Prescott’s table mounted microscope solutions are manufactured new to custom order requirements, and covered with our industry leading full warranty. Prescott’s is ISO 13485:2016. We ship worldwide.

About Surgical Microscope Refurbishing

Surgical Applications:

  • Surgical Skills Training
  • Wet Lab
  • Rental
  • Corporate Manufacturing Quality Control


  • In-line video camera system
  • Different objective lenses can be ordered
  • Upgradeable binoculars
  • 150W Halogen or 60W LED illumination
  • table mount/table clamp or customized station mount


  • The Prescott’s system can vary the length of the column post as well as the addition of a swing arm to ideally position the microscope head. The Prescott table stand accommodates Zeiss, Prescott’s, Moller-Wedel and Storz Microscope heads.
  • Prescott’s fiber optic cable
  • 150 watt illumination. Optional: LED 60 watt illumination
  • Five step manual magnification changer
  • Prescott’s f170 straight or f170 0-180 inclinable binoculars
  • Counter balanced flex arm
  • Adjustable hand grip
  • 48 mm interchangeable objective lens
  • Prescott’s fine focus objective lens f-175, f-200, f-250, f-300 and f-400