Sony HVO-3300MT Recorder

Sony 3D HD Video Recorder

Sony HVO-3300MT Recorder

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Demand for greater flexibility in medical image recording has been growing particularly in simultaneous surgical image recording, multiple modality support, and easier content archiving and management. Responding to these critical requirements, Sony proudly introduces the HVO-3300MT, a 3D/HD video recorder. This recorder enables simultaneous recording of up to two channels from a surgical camera, endoscope, ultrasound, digital X-ray, and other compatible imaging systems in HD quality. You can utilize recorded images for patient records, training, education, and referral purposes.

Live streaming capability during recording allows for real time transmission beyond the operating theater, providing the capability to send and share images between surgeons and other clinicians supporting the procedure or who may be learning from different locations. This compact recorder is an ideal choice for use in hospital operating rooms for effective content management.

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HVO-3300MT Features

  • High-quality, 3D/2D Full HD Video recording
  • CH1/CH2 Two Channel Recording
  • Real time Live streaming
  • Simultaneous Recording Onto Two External Media
  • Network Data Transmission Via CIFS
  • DICOM Linkage for Effective Content Management
  • CMS Linkage for Effective Content Management
  • External Touch Panel Capability
  • Ideal Upgrade Replacmeent to Sony HVO-1000MD & HVO 3000MT