Sony LMD-2451MT 3D HD Monitor

Sony LMD-2451MT 3D HD Monitor

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Take the next step to improve your visualization with Sony’s 3D monitor.

Your natural vision is 3D. Why shouldn’t your view of the patient be 3D as well?

3D imaging provides a truer visual experience, closer to natural sight, than 2D imaging. It improves depth perception and spatial orientation and as a result can help the surgeon more easily grasp, cut, and suture tissue. Until now surgeons have had to rely on 2D for minimally invasive procedures, simply because practical 3D technology wasn’t readily available.

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About Surgical Microscope Refurbishing


  • Accuracy: Reveals clear and precise details.
  • Multi-Purpose: Works in 2D or 3D formats.
  • High Contrast: Improves 3D vision by providing better contrast
  • Less Eye Fatigue: Includes built-in micropolarizer 3D filter, replacing the need for traditional 3D glasses with more comfortable lightweight, tinted glasses.
  • Medical-Grade Certification: Complies with medical safety regulations in the O.R.
  • Wide-Screen Display: Provides a larger view of the surgical field on a 24-inch screen.
  • Multi-Modality Imaging Capability: Displays images from multiple sources on
  • Consistent Color: Displays accurate color consistently on monitors and matches other Sony LMD monitors. Reveals color and texture variations not apparent through conventional SD technology.
  • Stability: Produces stable and reliable image.