Zeiss OPMI CS NC-2 Microscope

Refurbished Neuro Spine Microscope

Zeiss OPMI CS NC-2 Microscope

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For a surgeon requiring more in the area of flexibility and stability in a stand, the NC-2 is the answer. Many consider this package the best ever assembled by the Zeiss design team. With an original retail price of over $200,000, you can see the value of this microscope. We highly recommend this system for start up outpatient spine, but it would be a great option for any Neuro application.

Why Buy Refurbished from Prescott’s?

Prescott’s carries a full line of refurbished neuro spine microscopes from leading brands, such as Carl Zeiss and Leica, for every application. Prescott’s unique re-manufacturing process allows us to provide you with the highest quality in used neuro spine microscopes available for a fraction of the cost. The Zeiss OPMICS NC-2 is refurbished to custom order requirements, brought to OEM specification in like new condition, and covered with a warranty. Prescott’s is ISO 13485:2016. We ship worldwide.

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  • Great Value
  • Maximum Reach and Maneuverability
  • Opmi CS Microscope
  • NC2 Contraves floorstand
  • 300 w Xenon light source w/Halogen backup
  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Variable Working Distance
  • Face to Face Optics
  • 2 0-180 degree Inclinable binoculars
  • 4 10x widefield Eyepieces