Prescott’s carries a line of the finest refurbished surgical microscopes in the world. We are proud to offer Leica microscopes for many surgical disciplines, because Leica leads the market in ergonomics and quality.

Leica Microscopes

Leica develops both traditional and digital microscopes for many surgical disciplines, including neurosurgery, ophthalmology, ENT, hand and plastic reconstructive surgery, gynecology and urology, dentistry and more. Leica microsystems prides themselves on delivering top-quality scopes that reveal the finest details of their subject so that their surgeons receive precise and accurate images, allowing them to treat their patients.

Leica began as a family business and grew to become an international company at the forefront of microscopy. Today, Leica continually sets new standards in microscopy. Several Nobel prize winners have collaborated with Leica microsystems to push the boundaries of microscopy and imaging. With innovations including microscopes that enable surgeons to see better into deep and narrow cavities, and the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy, Leica continually raises the bar for the entire industry.

Consistently revolutionizing ergonomics, Leica microscopes feature brilliant and useful design innovations. Among many other breakthroughs, Leica developed the world’s first directly head-mounted microscope.

Improving visualization techniques for surgeons and students is one of Leica’s major focuses. They continually stay at the forefront of technology and ease of use by developing systems like Wi-Fi capable microscopes to help students learn, and HD recording and imaging displays.

All of Leica’s products are first rate – they only deliver scopes with top-class imaging quality and class-leading freedom of movement. Leica are industry leaders in compound and stereo microscopy, digital microscopy, confocal laser scanning, super resolution microscopy, surgical microscopy and more.

Used Leica Microscopes

Prescott’s makes Leica products more accessible by delivering top-notch used microscopes for a fraction of their original cost. Using a proprietary refurbishing process, Prescott’s custom develops parts for Leica scopes. All of Prescott’s refurbished surgical microscopes meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy. Adorned with Prescott’s exclusive seal of approval, the refurbished scopes are backed by a two-year guarantee.

Leica Microscope Service, Repair, and Parts

Prescott’s value as a surgical microscope vendor extends long beyond a sale. We can exchange parts as the need arises to keep your microscope operating in tip-top condition for years. Component upgrades and optical realignments are among many service and maintenance capabilities that make Prescott’s uniquely positioned to help you maintain your surgical microscope.

All over the country, Prescott’s customers receive service from knowledgeable, factory-trained technicians who provide top-notch assistance. Prescott’s never uses independent service contractors, so you know that when you contact Prescott’s for assistance, you will receive it from a dedicated and educated professional.

Prescott’s offers a variety of service programs to help you maintain your microscope, with options to include preventative maintenance, and a guaranteed 24 repair response time nationwide.

Contact Prescott’s to speak to a dedicated representative to learn more about finding a Leica surgical microscope to fit your needs. You can reach us toll-free at 1-800-438-3937.