Prescott’s carries a line of the finest refurbished surgical microscopes in the world, many of which are from Zeiss, an industry leader in quality and innovation. Zeiss microscopes are some of the best available for many surgical disciplines including ophthalmology, neurospine surgery, hand and plastic surgery, dental surgery, and more.

Zeiss Microscopes

Carl Zeiss began improving solutions for medical visualization technology more than one hundred and fifty years ago. He started Zeiss with a passion for precision, and a mission to design the best surgical microscope and visual technology solutions available. Zeiss has been at the forefront of medical technology innovation ever since, responsible for important breakthroughs in microscope technology, visualization, surgical laser technology, and advanced medical treatment.

Through dedicated research and development programs and strategic acquisitions, Zeiss consistently produces cutting edge technology. They are responsible for many notable surgical microscope technology advancements, including introducing the first microincision lenses for refractive microincision cataract surgery in 2008.

Zeiss has provided breakthroughs in ophthalmology microscope technology, innovating features that show details of the human eye that had never been seen before.

Zeiss was an early and successful adopter of digital visualization processes for neurosurgery. The OPMI Pentero neurosurgery microscope was a breakthrough in digital visualization that improved neurosurgeons’ ability to operate and teach students. Prescott’s comprehensive line of refurbished Zeiss neurospine microscopes includes the Pentero.

From their state of the art intraocular and microincision lenses, to their digital visualization technology, Zeiss microscopes are cutting edge in every aspect of their design. By focusing sharply on the needs of the surgeon and patient, Zeiss microscopes are developed with intelligent features custom to each surgical discipline that they serve. Their category-leading technology, combined with intuitive ergonomic design keep Zeiss scopes at the top of the line in every category.

Used Zeiss Microscopes

Prescott’s enables customers to get Zeiss microscopes for a fraction of their original cost. By refurbishing microscopes with parts custom-built for Zeiss products, Prescott’s delivers high-quality equipment backed by a two year guarantee. All Prescott’s microscopes undergo a thorough testing process to ensure that they meet the highest standards of safety and utility.

Zeiss Microscope Service, Repair, and Parts

Prescott’s adds value to customers long after completing a sale. We have developed a means of refurbishing components for surgical microscopes and equipment that allows us to maintain Zeiss surgical microscopes in tip-top shape at all times. With a variety of service programs available, Prescott’s provides customers with options for maintaining their microscopes, including preventative maintenance, and guaranteed nationwide response time for repairs within 24 hours.

We can exchange components as it is necessary for every surgical microscope that we sell, including our entire line of Zeiss microscopes. Using our unique refurbishing process, Prescott’s helps customers maintain their surgical microscopes with component upgrades, optical realignments and more.

Prescott’s factory trained technicians deliver top notch service all over the United States & the United Kingdom. All of our technicians are certified to meet Prescott’s customer service standards – we never send independent contractors to serve our customers.

When you purchase a Zeiss microscope from Prescott’s, you receive dedicated support from knowledgeable technicians. Contact us today to discuss finding the right surgical microscope for your practice. You can reach us toll-free at 1-800-438-3937.