Zeiss Microscopes, Medical Microscopes: High-Powered Clarity Meets Durability

The Prescott microscope product line includes top performing medical microscopes, microscopes for ear surgery, and live video microscopes.

Prescott’s carries a full line of medical microscopes for hospitals and clinics, at the best prices available. Select from our extensive product line of microscopes and accessories, all guaranteed to deliver high-quality resolution and clear illumination for even the most delicate procedures.

Image quality depends on optimal focusing capability. Look through the Prescott microscope online catalogue and find new and used medical microscopes ideal for use with video imaging and capturing still images as well as providing the clear images today’s intricate surgeries demand.

Call today, toll-free at 1-800-438-3937. For high-powered images, exceptional service, and expert installation, Prescott Microscope is the clear choice.

Prescott’s OmniPlus OSM200 ENT Microscope

Zeiss OPMI Lumera 700

Zeiss OPMI Sensera S7

Zeiss OPMI Lumera T S88 Microscope

Leica M320 F12 Microscope

Leica M320 F12 Microscope

Zeiss OPMI Vario 700

Zeiss OPMI Pentero 900 Microscope

Zeiss Extaro 300

Zeiss Kinevo 900

Zeiss Tivato 700

Leica PROvido Microscope

Leica M822 F20

Omni 10 Colposcope

Zeiss Photocolposcope

Leica M680 Microscope

Leica M400 Microscope

Zeiss OPMI 1FC S21 Microscope

Zeiss OPMI CS NC31 Microscope

Leica M820

Zeiss Pentero 800 S

Alcon LuxOR LX3

Leica Proveo 8

Zeiss Artevo 800

Zeiss Pentero 800

Zeiss Extaro 300 ENT Microscope

Leica M530 OHX

Zeiss OPMI PROergo

Leica M500 OHS Microscope

Leica ARveo 8

Leica M530 OH6

Leica M525 F50

Leica M525 F40 / M520 F40 Microscope

Zeiss OPMI Movena S7

Prescott’s OmniPlus OSM200 Dental Microscope

Zeiss OPMI VISU 200 & 210

Zeiss OPMI MDU S5 Microscope

Leica MS1 M500 Microscope

Leica MS3 M525 Microscope

Zeiss OPMI 6 OSM 200

Leica M690 Microscope

Leica M500 Microscope

Zeiss OPMI VISU S7 Microscope

Prescott’s Featherlite

Zeiss OPMI MDO S5 Microscope

Zeiss OPMI CS S4 Microscope

Leica MS1 Microscope

Leica MS3 M525 Microscope

Leica MS2 M500n Microscope

Leica M525 OH4 Surgical Microscope

Leica M720 OH5 Microscope

Zeiss Opmi Lumera i

Zeiss OPMI Vario S88

Zeiss OPMI Pico S100

Zeiss OPMI MD S3 (Face to Face) Microscope

Zeiss OPMI Neuro NC-4 Microscope

Zeiss OPMI CS NC-2 Microscope

Leica M695 OH1 Microscope

Zeiss OPMI 11 S21 Microscope

Moller Mitaka Microscope

Zeiss MD S3 Microscope

Leica M520 OH3 Microscope

Zeiss OPMI Pentero Microscope

Leica M844 F40

Prescott’s Table Stand for Microscopes

Prescott’s Wall Mount Microscope

Leica MS2 M500 Microscope

Zeiss OPMI 1FC 1880 Microscope

Leica M651 Microscope

Leica M841 Microscope

Zeiss OPMI Pico S100 Dental