Having the right microscope for hand and plastic surgery can make a huge difference. To operate most effectively, surgeons in this discipline often need specific features such as comfortable visibility options for a surgeon and assistant, face to face operation capabilities, and cross table accessories.

Prescott’s line of refurbished surgical microscopes for hand and plastic surgery features the best of the best, with many options from top manufacturers to choose from. We have developed a proprietary method of remanufacturing components for hand microscopes and plastic surgery microscopes, which allows us to provide the most cost effective, top quality operating microscopes on the market.

Our line of Leica hand microscopes is the cream of the crop. They meet the toughest demands for the most delicate applications. Leica hand microscopes provide excellent quality, ease, and durability. Our customers tell us that our line of Leica microscopes give them sharper images faster and easier than any other microscope that they’ve ever used. Many of our customers go as far as describing our Leica hand microscopes as “foolproof” – both as a purchase and in use.

Prescott’s entire line of Leica hand microscopes (Leica M680, Leica M691, Leica MS1, Leica MS2, Leica MS3, and our MD / S3 Face to Face microscope) were designed with high performance in mind. Each one has unique features tailored to hand and plastic surgery.

On this page you can find a breakdown of the various operating microscopes available. You can view each microscope to see the unique features and specifications, such as dual footswitches, independent focus, and face to face operating capabilities. You can also contact any of our dedicated representatives toll-free at 1-800-438-3937, and they’d be happy to help you compare hand and plastic surgery microscopes, and find the best one for your practice.

Refurbished Hand & Plastic Scopes

Buying a plastic surgery microscope from Prescott’s comes with unique advantages. Our customer service is unmatched, with dedicated technicians all over the country available to help you maintain your microscopes in perfect working order. We back all of our operating microscopes with a two year guarantee and mark them with the Prescott’s seal of approval, an exclusive badge representing that the product meets the highest level of performance and safety.

Prescott’s offers comprehensive service options for all of our surgical microscopes, with preventative maintenance, 24 repair response time all over the United States, and component exchange for all leading brand microscopes, including Leica and Zeiss. Our unique method of re-manufacturing components for surgical microscopes and equipment allows us to keep our customers’ microscopes performing at the highest level at all times.

Our dedicated technicians can provide component upgrades, optical realignments and other maintenance to support our hand and plastic surgery customers with their microscopes. We ensure our quality and customer service standards by never using independent contractors for customer support and repairs.

For top visual acuity and legendary ease of use, ask your Prescott’s representative about a Leica, or other hand and plastic surgery microscopes. Call us today toll-free at 1-800-438-3937 to speak to a friendly, knowledgeable technician.