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Meeting the exacting requirements of research and treatment facilities.

High-durability, excellent optics, and affordable pricing – it’s all part of Prescott’s commitment to serving the medical community. In the sensitive lab environment, the right equipment makes all the difference for sample prep and analysis.

High-quality equipment, like Prescott’s Table Stand for Microscopes and surgery microscopes, needs to be both durable and accurate for optimal results. You’ll appreciate our selection, professional installation, and expert advice whether you’re looking to buy or rent your equipment. Be sure to request information on our competitive stand surgical microscope pricing – you won’t find an overall better deal for your investment anywhere online or offline.

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Installation of Prescott’s Omniplus Microscope at Teaching Institutions & Labs

Prescott’s provides custom builds and installations for institutions and labs. Working closely with continuing education program and lab admins, Prescott’s caters installations to specific needs. These institutions and labs use Prescott’s Omniplus microscopes for many applications and teaching programs like suture practice and cadaver work. This is why Prescott’s Omninplus product is so versatile, as it crosses over into many spaces like clinical, surgical, and skills labs for education.


The images above show a recent installation. Each station includes:

  • Omniplus with integrated 4k video
  • Custom pole, that mounts into the table’s workstation (custom meaning our machine shop specifically cut to the measurements needed and custom built thread to accommodate fitting)
  • Face to Face bride (accommodates for two people to work at one single station)
  • (x2) 0-180 binoculars with 12.5x eyepieces
  • 60w LED
  • Liquid light guide