Microscopic Surgical Video Equipment:
Digital Microscope Video Cameras Bring High-Res within Reach

Today’s microscopic recording devices make the impossible common-place. Prescott’s line of high resolution digital video microscopic cameras makes it accessible.

Technology advances daily and live video microscopes document surgical procedures nobody dreamed possible just a few years ago. Now, along with the scalpel, the high resolution digital video microscope camera plays just as important a role in the most intricate procedures of modern medicine.

From delicate spinal and neuro-surgery to cataract and dental procedures, microscopic surgical video equipment has changed how surgery is done. Far less invasive than ever before, this cutting-edge technology makes for faster recovery, saving everyone time, money, and needless suffering.

Prescott’s features one of the best selections of surgical video equipment in the world. Call us toll-free at 1-800-438-3937 to discover how this equipment can revolutionize your practice.