Zeiss & Leica Microscope Repairs

Prescott’s microscope repair is cost effective and done right by experienced technicians. We specialize in repairing Leica and Zeiss microscopes, new and old. Prescott’s is the only ISO 13485:2016 national service provider for surgical microscopes. Whether you are looking for software repair, optics realignment, foot pedal repair, or light source repairs Prescott’s has your surgical microscope repair covered. Additional services include:

  • Optical Realignment
  • Component Upgrades
  • Binocular Collimation
  • Optical Cleaning
  • Electronic Repair
  • Foot Switch Repair
  • Video and Recording Upgrades

On-site Leica & Zeiss microscope repair is available to most locations in the US and internationally. Please contact us with your specific needs and we’ll be in touch to discuss.